A Word From The Composer

When I was a chubby little kid growing up in semi-rural Ontario, I lived in a world of my own. I used to ride my bike all over town building forts and imagining countless scenarios in which I could be the hero of my own adventure. I bless my parents and the other authority figures in my life for not trying to make me be more responsible or more grown up than I needed to be and for allowing me the mental space to create this other world. I promise you it didn't hurt me a bit!

I wrote Lucky as an "education project" for INNERchamber, a chamber music series in Stratford. My first response to the idea of the project was that it had to be as good a piece of art as I was capable of at the time. I find it disappointing that, as adult performers, we haven't always trusted our best creative selves to children. Like the good china, we have left our best on the shelf for them to look at, a sort of "if we were really performing, we would do something like this" as a vitamin pill of artistic experience in order that they should turn into well rounded members of society in a mythical time when they are older.

If all that anyone who sees this piece takes away is a good story, it will have been a success. If, further, anyone is inspired to put a little piece of themself into the world, I think the world will be better for it.

I have had a wonderful time bringing this piece to life with the help of the most amazing support a composer could hope to receive. For our inaugural tour, the financial and administrative support of INNERchamber and the Foundation for Education-Perth was invaluable and it is no exaggeration to say that the performers who are attached to this project are some of the best that there are (look at their bios and then google them: you'll be astounded!).

Hosting Lucky

Lucky is a phenomenally portable piece of theatre. Featuring seven of Ontario's finest and most flexible performers, this 45 minute performance can be hosted in almost any size room from tiny theatre to school auditorium. We are currently accepting bookings and would love to chat with you about the possibilities.