Lucky (A Musical Tale) is the story of a young girl named Lucky. Lucky is a chatterbox and a tomboy who loves to have adventures with her best friend, Ralph the dog. One day, when they're out playing, Ralph runs through a fence and Lucky follows him into a magic land.

After exploring for a little while, she realizes that everything they do there makes music... in fact, there is nothing in this magic land that is not inextricably connected to music. No sooner does she make this discovery than, over the hill comes Queen Lyrica, who welcomes Lucky to the magic land called Melodia where "everything that happens makes music, everything that happens comes from music, everything that happens is music." Lucky and Ralph run, play and make music.

We soon discover that, though she is the ruler of this musical land, Lyrica yearns for a little peace and quiet. As she watches Lucky and Ralph napping after a strenuous afternoon of playing and music-making, Lyrica comes to a realization: when they are not moving, they are not able to make such a racket. She promptly composes a spell and takes Ralph away to live in her garden as a statue.

When Lucky wakes, she finds that Ralph is gone and is distraught until the tree that she has been sleeping under introduces himself as one of the musicians of Melodia. He offers to help her learn to compose her own spell to save Ralph, which must contain a piece of herself if it is to work. He also suggests that they go further afield to enlist the help of other musicians because "music is more powerful if we make it together".