"I was thoroughly impressed with the Lucky performance at BCES today. It was a marvelous production that appealed to a variety of age groups. The combination of drama, music, puppetry, instrumental sound effects and lighting made this performance a wonderful experience related to many facets of the Arts curriculum. It is unfortunate that not more students can take advantage of this opportunity since only 6 performances are funded. Thanks again for making this outstanding performance available to our school.

"Thanks for a splendid (and moving) hour of entertainment.

"[my daughter] and I saw Lucky this afternoon, and I wanted to tell you both how much we enjoyed it. It was funny, and instructive, and fun, and even managed to evoke tears from both of us at the mournful song at the end. (!) I particularly liked how self-conscious it was ....I laughed out loud when Andrew commented that nobody asks what musicians think ... and at Glynis' diabolical "forever!" ... I laughed so hard at that I cried.

Helen Harrison blog